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 Rules! Every New Member Must Read!

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PostSubject: Rules! Every New Member Must Read!   Wed Oct 13, 2010 3:58 pm

There are some ruels to B3ND, here they are.

1. No cussing to others.

2. No spamming in the fourms.

3. No posts with vulgar or inappropriate images. **(If broken immediate ban follows)**

4. No spamming inboxs.

5. Do not take material here at B3ND and put it somewhere else with out permission.

6. Always respect the Administrators, Moderators, and Staff.

7. Do not hack into each others account. **(If broken immediate ban follows)**

8. Have fun at B3ND!

If you break three of these you will get banned! The first rule break results in a warning. The second rule break resluts a warning and a rank drop. The thrid rule break results in a ban.

If you see someone breaking any of these ruels please report to any of the administrators.

Please follow these ruels that is all B3ND asks of you. Remember have fun!


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Rules! Every New Member Must Read!
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